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The henbit, Marasmius oreades, is a mushroom whose flesh is sweet, almond-scented and light-colored, with the advantage that it does not rot and is not attacked by larvae, so it dries easily and keeps very well.
Pleurotus eryngii, known as thistle mushroom, is a species of basidiomycete fungus of the order Agaricales. It presents a variety of brownish tones and has a more or less convex cap. Its laminae are whitish and decurrent on the stem, which is usually thick and short.
The cep or pumpkin, Boletus edulis, has a viscous cap with humidity, brownish tones and its spores are yellowish to olive green. Its flesh is immutable white, purplish under the cuticle that covers the cap, with a pleasant odor and flavor reminiscent of nuts. It grows in groups or isolated in hardwood and coniferous forests. It appears in…

Senderuelas classification

The senderuelas or Marasmius oreades have a convex cap or more or less deformed by compression or desiccation, a slightly creamy, not pure white lamellae and a solid, very strong, very tenacious and resistant to breakage foot that is torn off with soil debris.
And rarer, but also with great similarities, Gymnopus ocior has a slightly yellowish lamellae like those of the hens and a hat more reddish than the previous ones, but it also has a hollow, cartilaginous and fragile stem.
With a development similar to these, in tight clusters united at the base of the foot, we generally find in deciduous forests two species quite common and relatively similar to the woodcock for its leathery texture and its almost solid and quite tenacious foot, the Gymnopus confluens with a foot covered with a fine hairiness and whitish, thin and tight lamellae,

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It can be confused with M. collinus Singer, which is thought to be toxic and grows in the same places. This one has a hollow and fragile stem, which breaks easily, and its flesh gives off an unpleasant odor, like garlic.
For its conservation, the trunk is separated from the hat, joining several hats with a thread and stretched out to dry. Thus dehydrated, it is stored for later consumption. The feet are usually discarded, although some people let them dry and grind them, using them as a condiment for meat or fish stews.

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Hoy vamos a hablar de un tipo de seta de primavera muy demandada por los aficionados al coleccionismo. Se trata de las senderuelas. Su nombre científico es mal Marasmius oreades. Es una de las setas silvestres un tema consumido en nuestra península. Es bastante demandada porque tiene un sabor delicioso y es muy fácil de conservar. La otra razón es porque tiene una amplia área de distribución por las zonas de la península y las islas. Por este motivo, también se considera una de las setas con más variedad de nombres populares.
Hablemos primero de los nombres comunes y sus variedades. Al ser un comestible tan famoso son muchos los nombres con los que se le denomina. Además de senderuela, se le conoce con los siguientes nombres populares: seta de carrerillas, seta de aguja, senderina, seta de corro, pucherete, gusarones, rojo, goma, sendejuelas, etc. Al estar tan ampliamente distribuida por toda la península y las islas en cada parte se le conoce por alguno de esos nombres entre otros.