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Cantorín Vílchez, M. M. (2016). Mineralogy and genesis of manganese-bearing pisolites from the Do Azul mine (Carajás, Brazil). Revista Del Instituto De investigación De La Facultad De Minas, Metalurgia Y Ciencias geográficas, 19(37). https://doi.org/10.15381/iigeo.v19i37.12964
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What is a sedimentary rock? They are the product of mechanical and chemical weathering They represent only 5% (by volume) of the outer 16 kilometers of the Earth They contain evidence of events
3.8 Sedimentary Deposits Sedimentary Manganese Formations: Sedimentary Mn deposits and their metamorphic equivalents produce most of the Mn in the world. The other source
Appendix E-1 Glossary of Terms Glossary of Soil Terms CHANGEABLE ACIDITY: The percentage of the CEC of acid cations (aluminum plus hydrogen) retained in colloids. MISCELLANEOUS AREAS:
GEOLOGY: TOPIC 6 Meteorization: physical, chemical and biological processes. Effects of climate on rocks. Rate of weathering. The soil. Transformation of sediment into sedimentary rock. Classification


To learn to deduce the properties and diagenetic history of these rocks from petrographic, petrophysical and geochemical data.Contents1.- Introduction to the study of sediments and carbonate rocks. Methodology and study techniques. Mineralogical composition. Chemical composition: the CO2-H2O-CaCO3 system. Physicochemical factors that condition the stability of carbonates in the sedimentary medium. Geochemistry of carbonates.
3.- Skeletal components. Functions of the different organisms in the genesis of carbonates. Main skeletal grains: mineralogy, microstructure and contribution in the formation of carbonates.
12.- Evaporites. Introduction to the study of evaporites. Brines: geochemistry and physicochemical factors that control their stability. Precipitation sequences and stability diagrams. Mineralogy. Topic 13.- The Gypsum – Anhydrite cycle. Primary gypsum. Anhydrite. Secondary gypsum. Halite.