Perrechico vitoria

Restaurant zabala vitoria

PerretxiCo is an interesting and recommendable tavern in the capital of Alava. They are specialized in miniature cuisine. At the head of the stoves of this interesting establishment, ideally located, is Josean Merino, a true master in the matter.  It is a tavern of all the life updated as far as decoration and gastronomic concept refers, what now is denominated gastrobar. Wood and glass predominate, with the kitchen in sight, a dining room and a more informal area next to the bar. The lighting is very careful as well as the rest of the details.
And what can we find in PerretxiCo? Its menu includes two concepts: raciones and pintxos. As for rations we can find: patatas bravas, squid rabas, Agour cheese, tuna in curry pickle with roasted peppers, grilled octopus with paprika mashed potatoes, fried peppers in olive oil with salt flakes, grilled Iberian fan with apple compote and butter or sea seeds of ali oli, among other suggestive proposals. The sea seeds with ali oli did not seem particularly recommendable to me, but even the best scribe makes a blur.


Well, since a few months ago you can enjoy an authentic Basque pintxo bar in Madrid thanks to the opening of PerretxiCo, a casual tavern where tradition merges with innovation and ingenuity to the delight of all diners.
If the pintxos and platicos triumph, the desserts do not detract either and here it is postulated that «to say no to dessert is lazy». That is why what begins well, ends well, you can not give up a sweet snack with clear allusions to the Basque Country. Among its dessert menu, the baked idiazabal tart with blueberries and walnuts, the chocolate pasteliCo soaked in fresh cream with golden soup and the farmhouse yogurt with muesli and fruit stand out.
The PerretxiCo team has experienced firsthand the revolution that has brought Basque haute cuisine to tavern bars. Its cuisine is transformed into a laboratory where tradition and innovation merge and balance to surprise the diner, but above all, to please.

Boiling group

The PerretxiCo has refined all this way of understanding the cuisine that started in the local Judizmendi Avenue assuming perhaps a point less of risk and a point more of commercial sense. They have introduced breakfasts, they have dared to overcome the psychological barrier of 2 euros per bite, they do not get caught in the pintxopote traps… and people respond, pay and fill the place day after day. I waited 25 minutes the day I went for lunch.
Four first courses, four seconds, four desserts and the possibility of more dishes paying supplements that reach 5,50€. This, very difficult to see in local restaurants, is called versatility. A versatility, of course, that starts at €13.60 excluding VAT.
A good example of the trinomial presentation/product/proposal of the house. The presentation is in that cute little saucepan. The product is in the well placed potatoes. The proposal is to match them with monkfish, an unusual fish in the potatoes with seafood. A dish that starts from the usual to get to the resultón.

The vitoria hatch

Balance between tradition and modernity, is what perretxiCo taverns seek to offer, to be in the middle ground between the new and the known, between taste and visual impact, between avant-garde and homemade cuisine.
In perretxiCo we look for specialization in pintxos, tapas and a very traditional cuisine. We do not reproduce a concept that we found interesting in one of our trips or as a business model, we are Basques and as such we cook, eat and live.
Our commitment and professional service means that we treat the part of the team integrated by the strategic partner, and the customers who come to our taverns, with the utmost attention and dedication.
In our establishments, we reflect a territory, a history and a way of being and living, that is to say, a balance between the traditional and the current. Our own personality with denomination of origin and worldwide recognition.
As for the commercial offer, in perretxiCo we bet for the excellence in the raw material, since nowadays it is fundamental for the consumers, that is why our products are of first quality. Thanks to this we get that our customers are satisfied and surprised, so they become loyal to our gastronomy.