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Other names with which the spring mushroom is known are: seta fina, usón, sisón, mujardón, muchardón, blanquilla, mansarón, seta de mayo, fungu del rayu, cristianu, cogomelo de San Xurxo, nazarón, zizazuri or among others.
In the kitchen we have many possibilities with these mushrooms, suitable for making recipes based on stews, sautéed, creams … a Catalan recipe that includes it, is the fricandó. There is a recommendation from expert cooks in mycology, and it is that if the spring mushroom has a very pronounced mealy aroma, it is preferable to cut it into pieces before cooking.


– The carpophore is 3 to 12 cm in diameter. Convex and rounded when young, flattened when older. Colors ranging from white to cream.  – The stem is cylindrical and robust, of the same color as the whole mushroom – The flesh is hard. White and very compact. The smell and taste of fresh flour.  – The slices are very close together and thin. Creamy white in color.
Culinary values:  It is an excellent edible mushroom, with little tradition in Catalonia. However, it is highly appreciated in regions such as Navarra and the Basque Country, where it is considered one of the best mushrooms.

Calocybe gambosa francais

The derivatives of the pig after the slaughter that supplies the pantries of the houses with sausage, chorizo, pates or the typical «mondongo» better known as «morcillas» and «tortetas». As well as lamb and beef, of exquisite flavor due to the richness of its pastures, are present in most of the traditional recipes.
Grilled meat is also common, originally typical of winter bonfires such as those held in January in honor of the Santos Barbudos, who honor the land that rests after the summer harvest, and protect and bless both people and livestock.    In them, gathered around the fire, lamb, sausage or sausage, along with potatoes, herring and onions, which are refreshed on the palate by succulent salads, continue to roast on the grill.

Muchardons 2020

La Finca de Susana, in Arlaban street 4 in Madrid, varied gastronomy very good quality almost excessive quantity and very good price, very central, value for money, very rich the Crunchy chicken with Muchardons sauce.
It is a restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine. The duck confit with plums and turnips is delicious…It is one of their specialties. The good atmosphere together with the food and the very good service make this restaurant one of my favorite places.
La Finca De Susana is located near Gran Via. It is a restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine. It has a large dining room decorated in light tones that provides a quiet atmosphere. Among the most outstanding dishes are grilled vegetables, fresh salads and traditional dishes such as lentils or stews. It offers a simple wine cellar and reservations are not allowed.