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The Council of Ministers has approved this Tuesday the royal decree appointing José Antonio Rodríguez as director general of Coordination and Studies, a veteran police commander who had been performing these functions since Pedro Sánchez entrusted Grande-Marlaska with the Interior portfolio in June 2018. Until his arrival, the post had been held by a colonel of the Civil Guard, his immediate predecessors being Juan Hernández Mosquera and Diego Pérez de los Cobos.
In light of these arguments, the position of ‘Lenin’ ceases to have a strictly technical consideration for the current Interior team, which recognizes that part of the functions he carries out are of a «political nature». Without citing it, the ministry may be alluding to the relations that the head of the Coordination and Studies Office has to maintain with the regional police forces (Mossos d’Esquadra, Ertzaintza and Policía Foral de Navarra), one of the merits that Grande-Marlaska attributes to the now-promoted commissioner.
When the minister decided to displace Colonel Juan Hernández Mosquera and appoint José Antonio Rodríguez, the decision generated a storm in some sectors of the Civil Guard not only because they were removed from a position of great relevance in the ministerial structure, but also because of the link with the PSOE of the chosen one, whom they openly considered a «political commissioner». «We can venture, from our professional experience, that the fact that the Coordination Cabinet is headed by a ‘political commissioner’ will not be good for anyone, not even for the Ministry’s own senior officials, since beyond political affinity, adequate technical training is required to occupy such an important position,» warned the Pro Civil Guard Association (Aprogc) at the time.

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The retirement of José Antonio Rodríguez González, Police Commissioner in charge of the Coordination and Studies Cabinet of the Ministry of the Interior, will force the department of Fernando Grande-Marlaska to decide shortly on this key position within the Secretariat of State for Security.
After highlighting the «professionalism and dedication» of Rodriguez, the mentioned sources refuse for now to evaluate his possible continuity, as well as if this would demand changes in the organic structure of the Ministry of the Interior or if any legislative modification would have to be considered.
The arrival of Fernando Grande-Marlaska to the Ministry of the Interior in mid-2018 brought with it a strong discomfort in a sector of the Civil Guard, due to the fact that he opted for a police commissioner instead of a commander of the armed institute for the position of head of the Coordination and Studies Cabinet, framed within the Secretariat of State for Security.
Grande-Marlaska opted for José Antonio Rodríguez, known in some police circles by the nickname of ‘Lenin’, a commissioner with a past linked to the Unified Police Union (SUP) and also to the PSOE. Most police unions supported this appointment in 2018, accusing critics within the Civil Guard of believing themselves to be «creditors for life» of this key post in police coordination.

José antonio rodríguez gonzález, «el gaiterín de la habana»

El Dr. José A Rodríguez González es un especialista en quiropráctica en Carolina, Puerto Rico. Se graduó con honores del Palmer College Chiropractic – Davenport en 1988. Con más de 33 años de experiencias diversas, especialmente en Quiropráctica, el Dr. José A Rodríguez González no está afiliado a ningún hospital, coopera con muchos otros médicos y especialistas sin unirse a ningún grupo médico. Llame al Dr. José A Rodríguez González al número de teléfono (787) 750-1420 para más información y asesoramiento o para reservar una cita.
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José antonio rodríguez gonzález

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