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Como jinetes y compradores en línea, sabemos que puede ser difícil comprar una nueva brida o un par de botas sin probárselas. Por eso hemos trasladado el probador a tu salón (o al establo). Desde calzones hasta mantas, si usted o su caballo pueden probárselos, pueden devolverlos, ¡gratis! Sólo tienes que solicitar la devolución con una etiqueta de devolución SmartPak GRATUITA desde tu Historial de pedidos en un plazo de 60 días desde la fecha de compra. Y, por supuesto, asegúrate de que el artículo está como nuevo y con el embalaje original (hemos dicho «probador», no «sala de guerra»).
Comience por la zona correspondiente al estado en el que se encuentra. Las fechas mostradas en el mapa indican las fechas sugeridas de inicio y finalización de los envíos de Fly Stoppers™. Es posible que desee cambiar una zona si su elevación o microclima es inusual, o si cae en la frontera entre dos zonas. Puede comenzar en cualquier momento durante la temporada de moscas. Elija «Todo el año» para los climas que tienen moscas todo el año, y comience ahora.
Poner los suplementos de su caballo en AutoShip le ayuda a cuidar de su caballo, ¡así que nosotros cuidamos de usted con SmartPerks! Cuando usted pide los suplementos de su caballo en AutoShip, automáticamente* es elegible para nuestros beneficios SmartPerks GRATIS, incluyendo:

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… I had a Wild Cat Replica … maremia! … awesome … they had a vent in the plantar arch area … but not even with those … it was pure plastic … but one thing is certain … the laces are very good … I still use them in some As …SaludPD … I have used the product a good time when I was in the pool, and it worked very well …
Hi, the socks are a godsend… they don’t smell, they don’t get wet…PS Anyway, I’m going to buy a bottle for my running shoes… they don’t even come with socks or anything else… 😉
Hello everyoneTo prevent my feet from singing, I wear thin socks, which at least leave me a little bit of touch for those micro-edges of stony feet.I also do the magnesium thing, I smear myself until I have geisha feet, whiter than milk. I use it more on higher pitch routes, where the effort is constant on each pass and a good foot-cat «belay» is required… As for the ‘oló’! After a few climbs to get them wet in the river, they are as good as new.Saludos Pedriceros a to’quisqui.

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Once the lesions have disappeared, treatment should be continued for a further 15 days. Relief of clinical symptoms usually occurs in the first days of treatment: irregular use or premature discontinuation of treatment carries the risk of relapse. If there are no signs of improvement after 2 weeks of treatment, consult your physician.
Intertriginous infections (infections where two areas of skin are in contact or rub against each other) submammary, athlete’s foot, intergluteal, and inguinal: The application can be covered with gauze, especially at night. For athlete’s foot it is recommended to change socks daily and before putting on shoes, make sure the inside is dry. Wash hands after each application.
Redness or itching occasionally occurs at the application site; however, treatment should rarely be discontinued for this reason. These symptoms should be distinguished from allergic reactions such as pruritus, rash, bullous eruptions and urticaria, which are rare but require discontinuation of treatment.

Fungusol for nail fungus

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