INGREDIENTS:chicken hams1 beautiful onion3 tomatoeschicken broth1 jar of mushrooms (I used fredulics of the Ferrer house)toasted almonds2 borreguitos or carquinyolis (can be replaced by fried bread)1 clove of garlicoilperejilsalpimientaPREPARING…
Some cookies to give to our pets with the peace of mind that they are totally natural and do not carry anything that can be harmful to them.make sure if they are allergic to something, but we could eat them ourselves calm…
There are several variants of this traditional recipe, looking on the internet (since I had never done it), I found that, depending on the area there are those who put nuts, who puts paprika, who throws a drizzle of oil on top in addition to the oil….

Classic stew

As you can see in the photo, I do not open the tenderloins, I make a hole in the center and fill them with a pastry bag, but as it is a bit complicated and laborious, I have put a simpler way of making them
Fill them with the mixture and close them in the shape of a gypsy’s arm. Tie them with kitchen string and roast them in a frying pan with the oil, over high heat, for a couple of minutes, so that they brown on the outside. Lower the heat, put the fredulics next to the meat, season with salt and pepper, cover and leave for another five minutes so that the tenderloins are cooked on the inside.

Mushroom cannelloni

We choose the youngest and healthiest specimens, remove the final part of the stem which is in contact with the ground, wash the fredolics with water to remove the remains of soil and reserve.
Once the fredolics are cold, put them in the glass jars and finally fill them with the brine. I put a knife in the jar and give it a little shake so that there is no air left and I fill it with water up to the top.
We will put a pot with the jars and cover with water, once it starts to boil we leave them for twenty minutes and turn off the fire, you can take them out with great care not to burn yourselves or let them cool completely there.
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Tot es mou – fem creme de fredolics

Good friends, today I am going to tell you about a place that was recently recommended to me, EL REVOLT, it is in the middle of nowhere, homemade and highly recommended. After a few curves and as I said before, in the middle of nowhere, is this restaurant of homemade food (homemade).today we ate 2 diners and ordered the following:First:Stuffed eggplants (extraordinary)Braised vegetables (the grill is the specialty of the place). Seconds:Entrecôte of veal with fredulics sauce (the meat is exquisite and quantity and the sauce is even better, all served separately to be able to put the amount of sauce that you like and not find those entrecôtes hidden under 1l of sauce, making it excessively cloying.)Grilled kid’s back with garnish (the meats of the place are excellent).