Process of floridura

Floridia are considered microbes and do not form a specific taxonomic or phylochenetic grouping, but belong to the divisions Zygomycota and Ascomycota. In the past, many floridia were classified within the Deuteromycota.
Flouridia cause the biodegradation of natural materials, which can be a nuisance when foodstuffs are flourished or private property is damaged. The flowers also play an important role in biotechnology and food science in the production of different minchars, beverages, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and enzymes.
The «Diccionario del Benasqués» by Ángel Ballarín Cornel includes flloridura with the lochica ribagorzana pronunciation, which corresponds to the pronunciation of the Aragonese cheneral floridura. This pair is related to the pronominal verb of inchoative conchugation florir-se[2], a verb that currently in most of Upper Aragon is presented as florecer-se, in Ansotán still as florexer-se[3], and in Chistabín as floreixer-se[2] coexisting with florir-se. There is also the verb escalferir[3] in local use, and a verb calmunir-se or calamunir-se that indicates putrefaction in humid conditions[2] and that can refer to the putrefaction of clothes when they are humid.

Saïm-floridura (live)

In some of the apartments, the architect detected completely depressed wall panels, non-functioning door handles and «quite serious» dampness pipes. There were also bombaments in the wall and clivelles, in addition to the flower pipes. In other cases, the report includes photographs of a glass window in the living room of one of the apartments with cracks.
The actions that tend «to threaten the residential dignity of the inhabitants (…) as long as they are aimed at forcing them to adopt an unwanted decision on this», warns the jurist co-author of the report, can be sanctioned by the Administration with a very serious fault.

Ou de reig floridura

The tea tree is the most effective. Its disadvantages are that it has a strong smell (which disappears after a few hours) and that it is expensive. To use it, it is necessary to make a mixture with two teaspoons of tea tree oil and two cups of water. We sweep the liquid in a powder maker and we ruixem. It does not have to be spread.
In addition to cleaning, it is important to keep dry the areas where a lot of humidity accumulates, such as the cellars (use a dehumidifier in these areas). It is also important to fix water leaks, dry the curtain and cracks after showering, etc.