Baguadas del momento

Image of a North Atlantic trough crossing the Atlantic Ocean for about 9000 km, from near the British Isles to the coast of Venezuela. The image corresponds to November 12, 2012 at 7:00 AM (Venezuelan time approximately).
In the field of geography and more specifically, in Geomorphology, the word trough refers to the line that joins the points of lower altitude in a valley and corresponds to the geomorphological term of German origin Talweg (literally «valley road») and also Thalweg, which is the same term in English, and which is used internationally to geographically define the longitudinal profile of a river from its source to its mouth.
It is considered that a trough is, originally, a geomorphological term that has been adapted and adopted since two or three decades ago to the scientific field of Meteorology because of the similarity between the contour lines on a topographic map and the isobars on a meteorological map showing a trough.

Agotes baztan

The term bagauda (bagaudae in Latin; in Breton bagad; in Gallic it meant «troop») is used to designate the members of numerous bands that participated in a long series of rebellions, known as the bagauda revolts, that took place in Gaul and Hispania during the Lower Empire, and which continued to develop until the 10th century. Their members were mainly soldiers deserting the legions or colonists evading their tax obligations, runaway slaves, outlaws or indigents who faced the labor oppression of both the military and the «pre-feudal» system of large landowners that emerged in the Lower Empire. The word may have a double origin, either a Latin root meaning «revolutionaries» or one of Celtic origin meaning «warrior».


superficies planas que permiten que sólo unas pocas ondas sonoras reflejadas lleguen a nuestro sistema auditivo desde las paredes laterales, el sistema auditivo no tiene que trabajar mucho para localizar con precisión el origen del sonido.
subconsciente y parecería lógico que es cuando estos maestros están trabajando con la gente o ultradimensionales extremadamente avanzados o lo que sea o incluso ETs enseñando a la gente en ese período de tiempo o podría ser cualquier momento durante el día cuando estás en una especie de estado meditativo o lo que sea
En una sala de lectura especialmente instalada, se invitaba al espectador a hojear los libros que Gordon estaba leyendo en ese momento, que iban desde los clásicos del psicoanálisis hasta los relatos de terror británicos, mientras en la sala pintada de azul Algo entre la boca y la oreja, sonaba la música que estaba de moda en la época en que su madre lo llevaba: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan y The Kinks.
técnica de disección especial de nuestra clínica [diferente de otras, ya que no hay sangrado debido a esta técnica, por lo tanto no hay prevención de sangrado por la unión de la fuente de sangrado o la quema con calor llamado cauterización o suturización, cicatrices queloides y similares hinchados, no deseados, mal aspecto nunca se producen en el área cerrada, suturada debido a la cauterización-suturización.


Just a five minute drive away, another great surprise awaits you.  The Municipal Golf Course.  Possibly one of the most beautiful in the world, without exaggeration. Or at least with unrepeatable views.
The majesty of the Sierra del Cuera, which you can see from the course, acts as a natural barrier protecting us from the strong winds and trapping the clouds that sometimes settle on its peaks, giving Llanes a microclimate that has always conditioned our temperatures, our climate and even our character.
This is our church, our patron saint is San Roman, who presides over the main altar, could, is located in it an idyllic setting. Right next to it is the cemetery, on its door there is a slab on which you can see a skull and an inscription that reads: «What you are I was, what I am you will be.