An ascocarp, or ascoma, is the name given in mycology to the characteristic sporocarp of fungi belonging to the division Ascomycota. The sporocarps of these fungi are complex reproductive structures, composed of tightly packed, interwoven hyphae, on whose inner surface grow millions of asci, a specific type of structure formed by reproductive cells that, when mature, typically give rise to eight ascospores. In many ascomata, the asci form a layer called the hymenium or hymenial layer.


The fruiting bodies of ascomycetes of ascolocular development are known as pseudothecium or ascostroma; in them the ascus is formed in a cavity or locule that is formed in a stroma, this being the wall of the fruiting body.
In an ascoma, the set of hyphae or sterile tissues surrounding the asci is called hamathecium; the best known are the paraphyses, originating from the base of the ascoma and growing upwards. The pseudoparaphyses, which are formed in pseudothecia, arise above the asci and grow downward until welded to the base of the hymenium. Periphyses are short hair-like hyphae that form the inner ridge around the ostiole of a perithecium or the lysigenous opening of a pseudothecium; their function is thought to be to direct the asci toward the apex of the ostiole before spore release occurs. Periphysoids are lateral periphyses that originate along the inner wall of an ascocarp and curve upward toward the apex. Apical paraphyses are paraphyses that form at the top of the center of a perithecium and grow downward forming a palisade layer that is blended between the asci but not welded to the hymenium.


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